Sunday, April 11, 2021
Disciples Making Disciples
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Children's Bible Stories

4-11-21 (Preschool) Jesus Cooked Breakfast for His Friends
4-11-21 (Children) The Final Instructions
4-4-21 (Preschool) The Easter Story
4-4-21 (Children) He is Not Here...He is Risen
 3-28-21 (Preschool) A Celebration for Jesus
3-28-21 (Children) Arrested, Tried, and Crucified
3-21-21 (Preschool) Jesus Did Good Things
3-21-21 (Children) A Time to Praise and Worship God
 3-14-21 (Preschool) A Woman Gave Her Offering
3-14-21 (Children) I Can Make Good Choices
3-7-21 (Preschool) Church Friends Love One Another
3-7-21 (Children) When Changes Come
2-28-21 (Preschool) Solomon Loved and Obeyed God
2-28-21 (Children) God Gives Me Friends
2-21-21 (Children) God Speaks to Peter
2-14-21 (Children) God Speaks to Philip
2-7-21 (Preschool) Noah and the Big Boat
2-7-21 (Children) God Speaks to Samuel
1-31-21 (Preschool) God Gives Us Rules
1-31-21 (Children) God Speaks to Moses
1-24-21 (Preschool) Jesus Learned About God at Church
1-24-21 (Children) Jesus Teaches About Feelings
1-17-21 (Preschool) Jesus Grew as a Child
1-17-21 (Children) Jesus Teaches About Loving Others
1-10-21 (Preschool) God Took Care of Jesus and His Family
1-10-21 (Children) Jesus Teaches About Prayer
1-3-21 (Preschool) The Wise Men Visited Jesus
1-3-21 (Children) Jesus Teaches Children Are Important
12-27-20 (Preschool) Thank You, God, for Jesus
12-27-20 (Children) Journey to the Savior
12-20-20 (Preschool) The Shepherds Visited Jesus
12-13-20 (Preschool) Jesus Was Born in Bethlehem
12-13-20 (Children) God Keeps His Promise
12-6-20 (Preschool) Mary's Good News

12-6-20 (Children) God's Plan is Announced
11-29-20 (Preschool) The Angel Visited Mary

11-29-20 (Children) God’s Promise
11-22-20 (Preschool)  Paul Said Thank You To His Friends
11-22-20 (Children) How Does My Church Care For Others?
11-15-20 (Preschool) A Man Who Said Thank You At Church
11-15-20 (Children) What Can I Give?
11-8-20 (Preschool)  A Man Who Said Thanks
11-8-20 (Children) How Should I Respond?
11-1-20 (Preschool) Thank You God for Everything
11-1-20 (Children) How Does God Provide for My Needs?
10-25-20 Sunday (Preschool) Elijah Helps a Family
10-25-20 Sunday (Children) Joseph A Forgiving Brother
10-18-20 Sunday (Preschool) Abraham and Lot Worked Together 
10-18-20 Sunday (Children) Joseph- A Chosen Ruler
10-11-20 Sunday (Preschool) Moses' Family Cares for Him
10-11-20 Sunday (Children) Joseph: A Faithful Servant
10-4-20 Sunday (Preschool) Joseph Took Care of His Family
10-4-20 Sunday (Children) Bible Story About Joseph
9-27-20 Sunday (Preschool) Eli Taught Samuel
9-27-20 Sunday (Children) Paul Preaches on Mars Hill
9-20-20 Sunday (Preschool) David and Jonathan Were Friends
9-20-20 Sunday (Children) Paul and Barnabas Obeyed God's Call
9-13-20 Sunday (Preschool) Naomi Loved Her Grandchild
 9-13-20 Sunday (Children) Saul (Paul) Grows as a Christian
9-6-20 Sunday (Preschool) Jesus Loves the Children 
9-6-20 Sunday (Children) Saul Becomes A Follower
8-30-20 Sunday (Preschool) Jospeh Loved His Brothers
8-30-20 Sunday (Children) Joseph Loved His Brothers
8-23-20 Sunday (Preschool) God Planned for Families
8-23-20 Sunday (Children) Jacob and Esau Reconciled
8-16-20 Sunday (Preschool) God Created People
8-16-20 Sunday (Children) Abram Solved a Quarrel
Aug 9, 2020 (Preschool) God Created Animals 
Aug 9, 2020 (Children) God Created People
Aug 2, 2020 (Preschool) God Created the World
Aug 2, 2020 (Children) God Created the World
July 26, 2020 (Preschool) The Kind Man
July 26, 2020 (Children) Jesus Answered The Ruler's
July 19, 2020 (Preschool) Mary Showed Love to Jesus
July 19, 2020 (Children) Mary Anointed Jesus
July 12, 2020 (Preschool) Isaac Was Kind
July 12, 2020 (Children) Sampson Chose Revenge
July 5, 2020 (Preschool) Gideon Obeyed God
July 5, 2020 (Children) Gideon Obeyed God
June 28, 2020 (Preschool) The Antioch Church Helped
June 28, 2020 (Children) The Antioch Church Helped
June 21, 2020 (Preschool) People Prayed for Peter
June 21 2020 (Children) People Prayed for Peter
June 17, 2020 Teachers Meeting planning for the future of our children at LifeWay.
JUNE 2020
Birth thru Kindergarten
6-14-20 People Sang
Grades 1-6
6-14-20 People Sang
Birth thru Kindergarten
6-7-20 Samuel in the Tabernacle
Grades 1-6
6-7-20 Samuel in the Tabernacle