Friday, May 25, 2018
Disciples Making Disciples
Our desire is to minister to you and your loved ones
As well as share the good news of God's love with all
While our church meets wherever there are people together, our worship facility is at
(at Stan Schlueter Loop) in the southeast part of Killeen, Texas. 
Our Worship Celebrations are designed to present the timeless message on LIFE in a WAY that challenges the participants to live lives that demonstrate the love of God. The music at the two Contemporary Worship Celebrations is a blend of hymns and choruses with a focus on reaching the unchurched with a fresh experience of God's love through a contemporary form. The Classic Worship Celebration presents traditional hymns. The sermons in all three hours are brief life-application messages, and the fellowship is warm and friendly.

Come worship and fellowship with us.
Pastor Jimmy Towers