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Thursday, November 30, 2023
Disciples Making Disciples


How to Increase Your Faith


Read  2 Thessalonians 1:3-4


What are some practical steps you can take to increase your level of faith today?

  1. Read the Bible. Romans 10:17 explains, "Faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ." That is, you must feed your faith a steady diet of God's Word.
  2. Exercise your faith. An aspiring body-builder doesn't begin by lifting 500 pounds the first day. Rather, he exercises daily, gradually increasing his strength. Regularly exercising faith can bring about similar growth spiritually.
  3. Embrace trials. First Peter 1:3-9 reveals a shocking truth that adversity, addressed in God's power, creates greater faith. Just as a fire purifies precious metals, hardship strips away all but the pure core of faith.
  4. Examine the testimonies of others. An individual's testimony is his own account of God's activity in his life. No one can ever deny, refute, or downplay another's testimony. When you hear of God's mighty deeds in someone else's life, your own faith in Him grows.
  5. Pray. You get to know someone by talking to him. That's just what prayer is: your personal communication with God. And don't just talk; be sure to spend time listening. God wants to speak to you.
  6. Practice obedience. You will never grow in your faith if you consistently disobey what God tells you to do. Perfect faith is a byproduct of obedience. Put yourself in a position to see God's best for your life, and your faith will soar.


Faith does not increase by accident. Growth takes time, dedication, and intentionality. Ask the Lord to help you exercise your faith today.